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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Story

What is ? The easyFurn website has now been launched and is steadily climbing the pages in Google, Yahoo, Bing and many many other search engines. is an extremely simple user friendly on line furniture store. easyFurns motto is complete simplicity by keeping everything simple and straight forward manages to achieve it's overriding goal which is to supply you with first class Solid Oak and Solid Pine Furniture at prices it's competitors can only dream about. The company is capturing the expertise of individuals who have literally grown up in the furniture industry and by cutting away all the things that ad cost to the final product which ultimately is your delivery of first class top quality Solid Oak or Pine Furniture. delivers the winning combination of excellent service with first class quality and truly unbeatable prices.
    Canterbury Solid Oak MNB30 3 Drawer Bedside       

Whether you are looking for a bedside for a spare room or you are planning 100 bedrooms for a hotel has the expertise to supply the furniture items you need at the lowest price possible from any region of the world. What constitutes a good quality Solid Oak or Pine piece of furniture ? Well at only raw materials from sustainable sources can be used from sources that are trusted, traditional production methods only are employed such as dovetail drawers and solid drawer basis and carcass backs, factories need to treat the workers with respect as all of the staff at easyFurn have at one stage of their careers worked in the factory and on the production line. 

They understand that a truly good product has to be assembled and produced by people who feel appreciated and valued. This applies at every step of the process from harvest and preparation of the raw materials right through the process including the sales and final distribution or delivery of your items. The process then continues to after sales service easyFurn believes again by keeping the process a simple as possible they can give you the end user a complete service with exceptional after sales care at these unbeatable prices.                                        After Sales Support
   easyFurn values every order and the company treats every customer as precious and vital to the success of the company - That's the easyFurn story. Call us on 01223 911022 or browse the whole range at

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