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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Portchester Pine Furniture from

Portchester Pine Furniture from

The Historic town of Portchester in Hampshire has long been the home of good quality Solid Pine Furniture. Sadly due to economic pressures The Solid Pine Furniture that was produced locally is no longer manufactured in the town of Portchester. 
Portchester Pine Waxed 6 Drawer Chest (2 over 4)Portchester Pine Waxed 7 Drawer Chest (2 over 5)Portchester Pine Waxed 7 Drawer Multi Chest

In appreciation of the high quality and attention to detail is proud to launch the Portchester Pine range of Solid Pine Furniture. This range is built to the same very high standard of product that was sold for nearly 30 years on the Castle Trading Estate in Portchester first by Portchester Pine and then through Homewood. 
Portchester Pine Waxed 4 Drawer Chest (2 over 2)Portchester Pine Waxed Double WardrobePortchester Pine Waxed Dressing / Writing Table
This Solid Pine Range is produced using Scandinavian redwood pine featuring dovetail joints both to the front and rear of the drawers, all drawer basis are made with solid Pine tongue and grove along with the carcass backs of the main cabinets. As time moves on so does fashion and this range is now also available built to the same high quality standards but painted Ivory with Solid Oak Tops.
Portchester Pine Painted with Oak Tops 4 Drawer Chest (2 over 2)Portchester Pine Painted with Oak Tops 7 Drawer Jumper Chest

This Traditionally made solid Pine Furniture range is built to last a lifetime. Available exclusively through call our sales team on 01223 911022

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