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Friday, 28 December 2012

Canterbury Solid Oak Furniture Range Now Available from easyFurn

Canterbury Solid Oak Furniture Range Now Available from easyFurn

Canterbury Solid Oak Furniture Range MO Canterbury Solid Oak Furniture Range MO

Canterbury Solid Oak furniture is the ultimate Contemporary range, crafted from American White and European Oak with the best attention to detail featuring dovetailed joints on all drawers and tongue and grooved drawer bases and carcass backs all finished with a matt lacquer. This range of Solid Oak Furniture you will not only find practical but also aesthetically pleasing with its simple lines and brushed steel handles, it is a range that you will enjoy for years to come.

With just days to go before the launch of the website we thought we would give you a preview of just a few of the Solid Oak Furniture items that will make up the flag ship Canterbury Solid Oak Range. All will be available at unbeatable prices with fast delivery.

Canterbury Solid Oak MN025 Corner Computer Desk Canterbury Solid Oak MN015 Single Computer DeskCanterbury Solid Oak MN035 2 Drawer Filing CabinetCanterbury Solid Oak MNR20 CD Rack

Canterbury Solid Oak Home Office Range

Canterbury Solid Oak MNC60 2+2 Chest of DrawersCanterbury Solid Oak MNC90 3 Over 4 Chest of DrawersCanterbury Solid Oak MNH15 3FT Low Foot End BedCanterbury Solid Oak MNB30 3 Drawer Bedside

Canterbury Solid Oak Bedroom Range

Canterbury Solid Oak MNS20 3FT Dresser Base / SideboardCanterbury Solid Oak MNS45 Large SideboardCanterbury Solid Oak MNT02 Large D-End Extendable Dining TableCanterbury Solid Oak MNS15 Small Sideboard

This is just a taste of the 80 piece range that will for sure be the's number one selling Solid Oak range. With every possible aspect covered this truly is one of the most comprehensive Solid Oak Furniture Ranges available in today's market at unbeatable prices with fast delivery only from go to our website now or call us on 01223 911022 lines are open 8am to 8pm everyday.    Just a Great Deal........ 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The History of Solid Oak Furniture

The History of Solid Oak Furniture

In ancient times, people believed the oak to be the very first tree on earth. Vast oak forests grew over much of the UK and Western Europe. Due to the enormous size of this tree, people believed it to be struck by lightning far more than other tree. The ancient Druids worshipped the oak, believing it to be the host of the power and energy of their gods.
The first documented pieces of Solid Oak Furniture date back to the Dark Ages. As this wood was easy to come by, it was very common to find humble peasant furniture made from oak. Oak timber is strong and dense. It is very tough compared to softwoods such as pine and has a tight grain making it ideal for furniture making. Solid Oak furniture has survived for hundreds of years. It can cope with the harshest of environments and was used in shipbuilding due to its water-resistant properties. Early oak furniture was basic and purely functional. As society developed, the furniture also evolved. Master craftsmen spent several years as apprentices and would train to be accepted as a member of the Guild of Craftsmen.
After the Middle Ages, oak-use was far more decorative. The middle classes had more money and used their furniture to show off their wealth. Densely grained oak was perfect for wood panelling such as that found in the House of Commons in London. Solid Oak Furniture remained popular until the use of lighter European woods became more commonplace in the 17th century.
Oak Mission furniture was imported into Britain from America at the start of the 20th century. This furniture typified the sort made when the Arts and Crafts movement was at its height. The designs concentrated on simple lines, varnished timber, exposed joints and upholstery using natural fabrics. This style of Mission furniture remains popular even today.
Between the two world wars, solid oak was in very short supply in Europe as a result of the bombing campaigns of the First World War. Contemporary furniture made from oak reached British shores, though it was lighter and used less wood.
With the advances in plastics and new materials during the 50′s 60′s and 70′s, wood as a raw material for furniture became unfashionable for the very first time. The emphasis was on bright colours, smooth wipe-clean surfaces and mass-production. This obsession with alternatives to solid wood persisted until the eighties when wooden furniture began to enjoy a revival. It was initially very expensive as there was not a huge demand, but consumers quickly realised that a classically styled piece of furniture made from solid oak would outlast plastic, MDF and softwoods. This increased demand led to more mass-production and as a result, a more affordable product.
Today there are a host of household items made from solid oak, types of solid oak furniture include kitchen cabinets, bedroom furniture, flooring and of course, free-standing pieces of furniture. These solid oak pieces will look good for years to come and outlast most other items in the home. After a few decades, they can even be sanded down, re-finished and refurbished for future generations to enjoy.For a beautiful range of solid oak furniture contact the Solid Oak Furniture specialists.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Furniture Repair Tips, Hints & Tricks from

Furniture Repair Tips, Hints & Tricks

Furniture Tips


Candle Wax
To remove candle wax drippings from the surfaces of furniture, turn your portable hair dryer on the spot and when it softens, remove the large chunks. Use a tissue to wipe the rest away.
Removing Scratches
Rub mayonnaise into scratches on furniture with your finger, let it stand, and remove with a soft cloth.
Deep Scratches
For a deep scratch, break a walnut or pecan meat in half, and rub the scratch with the broken side of the nut.
Easy Dusting
Slip an old woollen sock over your hand, spray with polish, and run you hand over furniture to dust easily.
Nicks and Scratches
Mix enough water with instant coffee to make a thick paste. Rub it into the scratch or nick, let it dry, rub off the excess, and wax as usual. This should only be used on very dark wood
Sliding Furniture
A piece of foam rubber glued under the legs of furniture will keep it from sliding on the floor
Outdoor Furniture
Turn redwood furniture upside down and nail a metal bottle cap to the bottom of each leg. It will slide easily across the patio.
Inexpensive Furniture
Paint or stain a small picnic table (the kind with attached benches) to use as inexpensive and attractive kitchen furniture.
Wrought Iron Furniture
To remove rust spots on wrought iron, use oily furniture polish.
Furniture Polish Tip
Put an old sock around a bottle of furniture polish to prevent it from leaving rings of polish on surfaces when you set it down. It will catch any polish that has dripped down the sides of the bottle, too
Short Leg
If one leg on a piece of furniture is shorter than the rest, balance it by gluing a garden hose washer to the tip of the leg.
Upholstery Tip
When doing your own upholstery, fit a rubber crutch or cane tip over the end of a hammer. The hammer will not damage woodwork or upholstery tacks.
Mahogany Repair
To cover scratches in mahogany, cover the mark with iodine and then furniture polish.
Scratched Ebony
Scratches on ebony can be covered with black liquid shoe polish or black eyebrow pencil.
Rubber Bumpers
To prevent marks on walls by furniture that has been pushed against it, buy a set of small rubber bumpers at a hardware store. They usually have small nails attached to them. Tack one on the back of each piece of furniture.
Great Furniture Polish
Mix together and shake well one-third cup of each: boiled linseed oil (do not try to boil your own--buy it at a hardware store), turpentine and vinegar. Apply to furniture with a soft cloth and wipe it dry. Then wipe with another soft cloth.
Furniture Polish Remover
One-quarter cup of vinegar with one half cup of water may be rubbed with a soft cloth into furniture to remove polish build-up, Dip the cloth in the solution, wring out, wipe, and dry with another cloth.
White Water Rings
To remove white rings left on furniture by water, rub the spot with petroleum jelly, let it stand 24 hours, and rub into the wood. Wipe off excess and polish as usual.
Alcohol Stains on Furniture
Remove alcohol stains on furniture with olive oil and dry with soft cloth
Grease Stains on Furniture
Absorb grease on furniture by pouring salt on the spill immediately.
Rusted Metal Furniture
Remove rust on metal furniture by rubbing turpentine.
Soiled Upholstery
Rub soiled cotton upholstery fabric with an art-gum eraser
Crack-less Leather
Polish leather with a paste made from one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil to keep it pliable.
Burns on Furniture
Apply mayonnaise to the burned area, let it stand for awhile, and wipe off with a soft cloth.
Ink Stained Leather
Rub cuticle remover into the leather to remove ink stains from leather furniture.
Carved Furniture
Brush furniture polish with an old toothbrush over the carved area.

Alternatively spoil yourself and simply buy yourself and brand new piece of furniture. At easyFurn we have everything under one roof with thousands of items available for immediate dispatch. Call us now on 01223 911022 for a great deal on furniture....

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Adding Solid Oak Furniture Ranges to

Adding Solid Oak Furniture Ranges to 


Soon to take the market by storm easyFurn staff are busy uploading the Solid Oak Furniture Ranges to the new website which is set to launch early Jan 2013. Solid Oak furniture will be the main theme of the website along with unbeatable pricing.

Sourcing the Solid Oak Furniture direct from the factories and delivering it right to your doorstep, there will be no other way of getting a better deal on your Solid Oak Furniture. Our website will be growing all the time and we look forward to delivering your Solid Oak Furniture ranges starting Jan 2013. a great deal on Solid Oak Furniture !

Saturday, 22 December 2012 Coming Soon


The NEW low cost furniture solution for the discerning buyer who simply wants a great deal.

Low Cost Solid Oak Furniture    or  Call  01223 911022