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Friday, 18 January 2013

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

This weekend looks like there is going to be snow everywhere. The Met Office have Issued a Red Snow Warning for England.


Can you imagine the cost to certain large Oakfurniture retail chains with all those overheads of rent with staff that can't either make it into work or when they do are waiting for customers who are not going to risk travelling in these conditions - especially when those customers can find better quality Oak furniture products on line with much lower ticket prices and shop without risk to life or limb. 

Why are our prices so much better than larger retailers well it's precisely for that reason, this weekend they will take huge losses which they will simply pass on to you the customer. It may not be apparent in the price initially but sooner or later you will end up paying for their losses for this snowy weekend. 

So shop smart enjoy the snow with the kids and family leave the car on the drive and get saving on line at Have a Great British weekend let it snow & enjoy it. Order you furniture online at save money get a better quality item delivered faster or call us on 01223 911022.  

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